Manufactured with the well-known grained calfskin leather, strong resistant and alluring at the same time. Realized for each kind of occasion, Breton riding boots are characterized by colored laces so to have a different dress each time!


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Tattini Boots: Breton [Black or Brown]

Calf Size:
Foot Size:
  • Features:
    – Grain Calfskin Leather
    – Calfskin Lining
    – Exclusive Air Boost ventilation system
    – Elastic back for a perfect fit
    – Rear Zip
    – Antibacterial Pierced Insole
    – Shock Absorbing Rubber Sole

    Tattini Breton riding boots with front laces and rear YKK zipper, made of high quality natural grained calfskin with a elasticized back to ensure perfect fit and maximum adherence to any measure of calf, just like custom-made boots. SH, as in normal shin length model.

    They have a rubber sole with a leather inner sole that makes them exceptionally comfortable, light and flexible for an all-day wear. The heel has an extremely efficient shock-absorbing system that reduces the impact on the heel and overexertion of the foot. They are distinguished by the exclusive “Air Boost” ventilation system, the first ventilation system to be applied to horse riding shoes. Beside of rear YKK zip, they are provided with adjustable elastic front strings and decorative stitching at the tip.

    Unisex boots


    Note: When determining calf sizing, we recommend rounding down 1 cm to account for the breaking in of the elastic strap




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